Mt. Whitney - Humbled
Two months ago I received my favorite kind of email from friend and life long adventure accomplice Luke Walker. My favorite emails consist of two statements: I have an idea for adventure XYZ. Are you in? My response is predictably "I'll bring the whiskey". This time Luke’s idea consisted of...

A Picture Says 1000 Colors - Rio de Janeiro 2014
A nice DSLR can capture roughly 35% of the visible colors perceived by the human eye, a humbling thought when trying to share the vibrance of Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup. However, the amalgamation of 600,000 spirited visitors, 64 contested matches, 32 hopeful teams, and 1 emerging economy 

Pins and Needles
The journey starts with a short ski before each member of the group gives themselves a pep talk, takes off their boots, rolls up their pants, and joins in a one of a kind experience. The pins and needles of walking on snow, and crossing a 150ft freezing river is like nothing else.

Packrafting Down Under 
The fact that climate change is exaggerating extremes was easy to see as we arrived in New Zealand two months after the largest floods in 40 years and spent two and half weeks boating during a record breaking drought.  We did find water however and took Alpacka’s new White Water boat for some fun rides throughout the incredible two islands.

Burning Man - 2012
As if Mumbai India and Las Vegas had a child in the middle of nowhere Burning Man is like nothing else in this world. The energy of an army going to war motivated by complete opposite ideals

Headwaters of the Kern - 2012
After 12 hours of driving I arrived in the sprawling city and immediately starting packing for a 75 mile, 5 day adventure. The trip would take Luke Walker and myself up the highest peak in the lower 48 and down 50+ miles of the Kern River.

Circumnavigation of Jackson - 2012
I have grown up in Jackson and been fortunate enough to be shown what it truly has to offer through a variety of outdoor sports. With plans to move elsewhere for work I wanted to see the entire valley I have come to know for 23 years of my life. I hastily planned an 8-day trip that would take me over 15 peaks and 130 miles around Jackson.
Packrafting Costa Rica -2012
A Habitat for Humanity trip took me down to Costa so I added an extra week to the trip to see if I could find some of the infamous WW the country has to offer.

1st Decent -- East Fork of the Green
Aaron Mulky, Forrest Mccarthy, Tom Sunderland, Nathan Danforth and myself started from the Big Sandy trailhead and headed to a 18 mile section river in the East Fork drainage 12 of which had never been run before. The walk in proved..

 1st Decent -- Headwaters of GV
After the coffee had been finished and the laughs and high hopes were exchanged we packed up the last of our gear and headed out find a small section of the Gross Ventre river that had never been boated before.


140 Miles Down and Around - 2010
140 miles down the Hudson and around an island called Manhattan.

Hitchhicking Out of the South  - A Cross Section of Society -2010
On Wednesday the 17th of March I was dropped in Asheville after deciding to take a step off the beaten path and hitchhike from Western North Carolina back to DC. A decision that worried friends

A few more miles under our belts and a slightly greater understanding of it all.

Grand Canyon - 2008
The Grand Canyon is even more magnificent than they say. Two weeks camping and letting every other obligation and worry melt away and just deal with the daily tasks and bewildering beauty around you.

Costa Rica - 2008
The last foreign adventure my 8 month trip was a 5 day layover in Costa Rica. My week was spent as one would expect utilizing Costa Rica’s warm water and perfect waves. After couch-surfing for the first night in San Jose I quickly made it to the coast for a 4 days of 100 degree weather and 

Peru - 2008
After Hitchhiking to the northern most city in Chile I couch-surfed for the night before continuing into Peru. To get across the border I hopped in an old station wagon with six other people and we headed into Peru. After a questionably relaxed border crossing we made it to Tacna famous for it’s cheap pirated clothing. With no room or need for clothes I caught...

Chile - 2008
On the 6th of March I got off flight PU401 in Santiago Chile with the dream and intentions of buying a motorcycle and riding the 10,000 km back to Jackson.
Spain - 2008
After my days eating baguettes, meandering the city, soaking up Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Velasquez, and lisping my Spanish in order to try and fit in the majority of a week had past and I was climbing onto my long flight to Santiago Chile. The plan was to buy a motorcycle and ride the 6 thousand miles home.
Italy -- A Perfect Volunteer Experience
I could write about the jobs I completed, or the delicious food I ate, but my time here in Italy will be remembered as growing to love a place, the people, and the ideals I was working for.

 Rajasthan ---> A 2000 KM Journey
 Put on the helmet, get on the bike, drive into the honking traffic, and everything changes. You are no longer an onlooker; you are just another ant on the huge chaotic hill. 


Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai
“India is like a Where’s Waldo without the Waldo”


Thailand - 2007
Thailand didn't go as planned for me, but I still succeeded in the main goal of seeing the world in a new light. I sat at my first 10 minute red light, ate my first grasshoppers, lost my first passport, and watched a moped crash going 35mph. It proved to be a chaotic 12 days.

A steaming cup of liquid butter with a prominent after taste of raw yak meet left me gagging. The flavor also negatively impacted the taste of the yak steak I was eating as I reflected on the past nine days I snuck into the spiritually alive, stunningly beautiful, and blatantly oppressed country of Tibet

China - 2007
China was a new world for a country kid. The month allowed me to explore the three major cities, see two of the world wonders, and travel over 5500 miles.

Hong Kong - 2007
During this time I was able to figure out the all five types of public transportation, get completely lost in Hung Hom, and see the filming of the Dark Night....

Australia - 2007
In the middle of October I landed in Melbourne where I explored the artsy city for a couple of days exploring their zoo, searching for  graffiti, and looking for cheep authentic Australian food. I was blown away....

New Zealand - 2007
With the name of my first hostel and a plan to travel around the world I landed in New Zealand full of excitement, nervous as hell, but convinced that I had made the best choice of my life. After crashing in Chrtchurch I awoke......